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PoINT Storage Manager 3.0 - Tiered Storage and Archiving

Code:PoINT Storage Manager
Today, continuously increasing demands for performance, availability and capacity of storage systems stand in contrast to a high cost pressure. PoINT Storage Manager decreases initial cost by combining different storage systems within an automated Multi Tier Storage Architecture. In addition, PoINT Storage Manager also decreases backup and recovery times and therefore cuts down corresponding cost by integrated replication and archiving functions. Replacement of obsolete storage systems, which is quite often very expensive, as well as their integration into a new storage environment (storage consolidation) is integral part of this “software only” solution. Therefore future migration cost can be reduced at this stage or even be avoided. Features:Automated Tiered Storage,Long-term Archiving incl. Retention Management, Transparent Migration, File Virtualization, Data Protection,Data Security. Benefits and Advantages: Efficient use of expensive primary storage by migration of inactive data, Instant and homogeneous access to all data, Reduced management efforts thanks to automated processes, Uninterrupted use of applications, Cost and time saving by reduced backup data volumes, Fulfillment of compliance demands, No additional software required for integration of tape and optical.
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