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Veral company is one of the most renowned and leading providers of integrated professional IT solutions with high expectations. The customer base is consisted of numerous large multinational companies and organizations of public and private sector. Our company's goal is to support its customers through a wide range of professional products and high quality services distributed across the geographical area of Greece.

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Service Contracts

The computerization requires ongoing monitoring to deal routine or emergency issues that arise during operation.
For this reason, a comprehensive range of services is provided by Veral, which cover this need.

• The Support Services division offers a range of specialized support contracts that meet the different needs of each company.
• Contract Work Hours buy-Technician
• Monthly Contract Assignment Technician

With the support contracts accomplished:

• Practical annihilation of "dead" time, during which you can not use a system.
• Minimizes maintenance and repair costs of equipment, since the problems are addressed before they arise.
• Increase your business productivity.
The Contract of Technical Support and Maintenance Systems PC is the company's commitment to provide technical support to the company leverages its services for:
• immediate response in case of a problem (depending on the type of contract)
• screening systems
• priority and unlimited phone support
• consulting for technology issues
• training the staff of the business
• meetings at regular intervals and Reports delivery
Today, where the companies' needs are growing and time is precious you need to rely on skilled people.

Do you want immediate and effective solutions to your problems in order to dedicate yourself to work and do not mind about matters that you do not know or you do not want to know.

Do you want to feel confident that there is someone beside you to hear and solve your problem that needs right away technique
support, telephone clarification, training or consulting for improvement and protection of your information systems.

Most importantly, all of these you want it with the most economical and flexible technical support program specifically for you and your needs without hidden costs.

Technical support contracts cost depending on the level of service requested by each company according to their needs and requirements.

So important role played by the following parameters:
• The response time by the customer
• The number of computers (PC, Servers, Routers, Printers) who wants to cover the customer
• The size and the complexity of the installed software (Backup, CRM, Accounting, third party programs, etc.)
• If you want to add services such as telephone support, user training, preventive interventions and advisory proposals - plan training.
Accordingly to the cost for a Technical Support contract comes directly conversing with a qualified counselor IT Solutions.

There are several important reasons that you should consider an operator or manager of a business to move in a structured and effective
technical support program.

We will mention some of them:
• reduced charge per hour worked
• Commitment to respond immediately
• Priority Phone Support
• Screening and renew systems
• Procurement of materials at better prices
• Labels and Consulting Services for critical issues.