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Protect B series 750VA - ON Line - Single Conversion - Mono-Mono Phase

"The VI (Line-interactive) technology of the Protect B. reliably protects sensitive company data against power failure, line transients as well as HF disturbances. Large voltage fluctuations are efficiently dealt with by the configuration of the Protect B automatic voltage regulation (AVR). The output voltage in all operational modes is a sinewave. Advanced battery management charges the batteries optimally with a highly efficient charger. As a result of the wide input voltage window, the service free batteries have added protection,any battery defect is registered immediately by the electronics. Easy handling, variable set-up: All Protect B. can be mounted as a tower or by using the 19inch kits can be rack mounted where by each model irrespective of its power rating requires only 2 U! The display with its clear organisation of functions provides an easy to use interface for configuration and troubleshooting with the added benefit of seperate indicators for UPS load and remaining battery capacity. Remote via PC: Important UPS data is permanently monitored and available via the USB or RS232 interface. Web browser remote monitoring and multi-server shutdown is possible with an optional SNMP adapter. Extended Battery Capacity - the battery capacity of the more powerful models (from 1500 VA) can be flexibly extended using external batteries. High level flexibility, intelligent functions: • Modern VI (line-interactive) protection technology withsine wave output voltage • Compact construction / variable use due to combinationdesign tower / rack • Robust design: overload capability and short circuitprotection • Intelligent monitoring system with USB andRS232 interfaces • User-friendly battery design in hot-swappable version(as of 1500 VA) • Operator friendly display for optimal readability /configuration • Over voltage protection (RJ11 / RJ45) for ISDN, Fax,modem and network • Expansion slot for extension cards SNMP Specially: 750VA / 500W, autonomy under 100% load 5 minutes, USB & RS-232, 4 IEC 320, Dimensions : 235x88x383,weight 8.5 kg, Software Shutdown. "
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