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NovaBACKUP® Server

Code:Nova Backup Server
Simplify Your Windows Server Backup Strategy
NovaBACKUP® is easy to install and easy to use on Windows Server 2003 & 2008. Wizards guide you through the process and your protection begins immediately. The software is advanced enough to handle even the most serious server environments, but remains user friendly. Begin your backup strategy in a matter of minutes without the need of an engineering degree or the expense of an IT consultant.

Save Costs
NovaBACKUP® Server provides huge cost savings over the competition, without sacrificing features, benefits, or performance.  NovaBackup has been providing data protection for years and is able to provide our cutting edge solutions at a price point that compares second to none for value.

Support for the Latest Server Systems

NovaBACKUP® Server is fully compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2003 systems

Take The Stress Out of Backup
Automatic processes continually update your protection – no need to remember to run backups. NovaBackup will even email to tell you that your files have been backed up.

Get Full Peace of Mind
Disaster recovery and full disk imaging options allow you to restore your entire system including applications and all files even in the event of total computer loss. NEWdifferential imaging makes it fast and easy to keep your ‘system image’ up to date.

Double Protect Your Data

Local and online storage all in one. This is the only way to fully protect yourself and maintain best access to your data.

Find and Restore Files Easily
With NovaStor’s patent pending technology, restore historical versions of files, from a single view, regardless of when or where the files were backed up. You don’t even have to remember which device you stored a file on. NovaBackup remembers and tells you!

Backup with Lightning Fast Speed!
Fast Bit Technology updates your backups with bit level incremental changes. This makes for super fast backups both locally and online.

Other Great Features Include:

    - Device Spanning
    - Mapped drive recognition
    - Virus Scanning
    - Data Encryption
    - Open File Backup Support
    - Tape Backup Support
    - Blu-Ray and Removable Media Support
    - Russian and Simple Chinese Support (NEW)
    - Much More