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Veral company is one of the most renowned and leading providers of integrated professional IT solutions with high expectations. The customer base is consisted of numerous large multinational companies and organizations of public and private sector. Our company's goal is to support its customers through a wide range of professional products and high quality services distributed across the geographical area of Greece.

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Spare parts Consumables
VERAL offers  a choice of original and new consumables and parts including a variety of branded products by all companies which are represented by VERAL sush as


as well as a number of other well established brands. Our stock levels are closely monitored to ensure ongoing choice and the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

To enhance customer choice we also sell a variety of consumables and parts even by manufacturers who do not represent. Τhese include a selection of branded products including  toner cartridges, printer inks and etc for HP, OLIVETTI, IBM, CICSO, EPSON & COMPAQ.

For a cheaper alternative why not consider VERAL’s compatible range, only for consumables, about these own branded cartridges offer many similarities to the leading brand’s toner cartridges but often come at a much lower cost and in larger quantities.
This option also enables those unnamed manufacturers to recycle printers toner cartridges producing cheap Hardware  cartridges for consumers to buy.

For further information about consumables and parts or for an order contact  with us by e-mail: [email protected]