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Veral company is one of the most renowned and leading providers of integrated professional IT solutions with high expectations. The customer base is consisted of numerous large multinational companies and organizations of public and private sector. Our company's goal is to support its customers through a wide range of professional products and high quality services distributed across the geographical area of Greece.

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Technical Support Services

VERAL company constantly monitoring developments in the field of communications and networks and having specialized staff, comes to meet your own business needs and assume responsibly and immediacy technical cover any problem occurs in your central computers and peripherals company you.

Specifically we undertake the following:

Designing and managing local network (LAN).

* Supply, repair or upgrade your company's computers.

* Install or upgrade the operating system and the required programs.

* Installing central solution Antivirus and cleaning viruses and malware.

* The installation and server management (server) according to your needs.

* The installation and management of the central mail server (exchange).

* Creating automatic backup procedures (Backup).

* Recover data due to deletion, or defect in the storage medium.

* Transferring files and settings from old to new computers.

* The installation and connection of peripheral devices.

* Installation Connection Internet ADSL & Dial UP.

* The user training.

The technical support of your company's network, directly to your office or outside Athens in nationwide technical support to over 120 points of Greek territory.