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Veral company is one of the most renowned and leading providers of integrated professional IT solutions with high expectations. The customer base is consisted of numerous large multinational companies and organizations of public and private sector. Our company's goal is to support its customers through a wide range of professional products and high quality services distributed across the geographical area of Greece.

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Maintenance Contracts

In VERAL we know that most IT products, which we work with in order to be able to perform every day, should be inspected and maintained at regular intervals. We all know that the lack of maintenance and support of computer equipment has led many times the loss of important data without the possibility of recovery, and sometimes unfortunately in total destruction. For these reasons, preventive maintenance and the general technical support services is one of the main activities of our company. .

These services cover both the hardware level (Hardware) and the software level (Software) and aimed at:

• Preventive maintenance of equipment

• Restoring operating system crashes

• Ensuring optimal equipment performance. 

• Services Relocation Processing Equipment.

Analytically we mention that technical support can be offered either on call, or annual maintenance contract. The restore operation due to failure can be a) repair Onsite (on site) if feasible, b) in our place after receipt of the machine from your site and c) telephone for resolving a minor problem. To ensure optimum performance of your equipment and thus of your investment will achieve the high standards of quality services offered and guaranteed by the experience and expertise.